Monday, July 6, 2009

MAILBOX MONDAY - Monkey Fist Arrives

In my mailbox - Samurai Kids Book 4 - the jade green one! And it's an appropriate colour because in Monkey Fist the Samurai Kids journey into the Forbidden City to rescue Kyoko.

Is it good manners to post a snippet from one's own book? Probably not but I'm much too excited to be worried about that today. Tomorrow maybe I'll feel a bit self-indulgent and guilty but today I just feel ecstatic.

Dark shapes cover my eyes. They stick their fingers in my ears and slap their ghostly gloves in my face. The White Crane screeches in fright.

Waking with a jolt from the nightmare, I can't see the shadows in my imagination any more. They are real now. Somewhere close by.

"Taji," I whisper.

No answer. That's not good. With ears like the Golden Bat, Taji should be awake.


Penthe said...

Looks fantastic. Very exciting. Wait until the son finds out!

SANDY said...

I read your blog all the time and feel like I sort-of know the son. Drop me an email at and let's arrange a surprise parcel for him.

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