Wednesday, May 20, 2009


It's been one of those weeks -the sort you wouldn't wish on anyone - not even once a year. So today I am doing Mailbox Monday on Wednesday. I received something truly special in my mailbox this time - an original piece of artwork from Rhian Nest-James the illustrator of the Samurai Kids series. Isn't it amazing? It's no surprise that every review makes mention of the wonderful oriental-style brushwork illustrations throughout the books.

I am not a visual person - never have been. When I was first shown the illustrations for White Crane, I was asked if they matched what was in my head. I was so thrilled to see them because there was nothing in my head! Well, no pictures anyway. I see everything with words only. But as soon as I saw Rhian's drawings of Sensei and Niya, and the rest of the kids, well... I recognised them straight away.



I'm sorry you had a yucky Wednesday (sounds like a book title, hmm), but the art is really gorgeous! I pruned the roses this afternoon and found that blotted out most of the morning's woes... And my gardenia bush has decided not to die since I moved it to a sunnier spot--yay! I think that's symbolic: hope your Thursday is sunnier.

SANDY said...

Thank you Kate. There is a lot of wisdom in your 'smell the flowers' comments. PS I loved the book trailer for The Runaway Dragon. Impressive. I filed it in my 'I must learn how to do that' folder. I looked for the book too but I don't think it's available in Australia yet.

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