Saturday, January 21, 2012

I Did Get a Teacher for Christmas!

In December I bought myself a special Christmas present - a bauble on the Asia Bookroom tree to raise funds for Classrooms in the Clouds in Nepal. I blogged about here.

The tree was such a success it raised $2,301 - enough to employ a teacher at  Shree Bakhapalam Lower Secondary in the Solu region of Nepal  for a year at the Government teaching rate of pay ($170/month).

I feel good. I feel like I contributed to something important.

Shree Bakhapalam Lower Secondary School

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Year Begins With a Holiday

For me, the year always begins with a holiday. Every January our family goes to Merimbula for two weeks - after New Year's Day, to the same house, with the same two families of friends. The kids who were toddlers in the beginning are now teenagers who sometimes come and go on the bus rather then brave the family car trip. Once we would rush arund 'doing things' but now we rest and relax.

But the friendship never changes. Not one bit. It's the perfect start to a new year.

There are always highlights although these too have a habit of recurring year after year. We do what we like to do!

Booktique, Merimbula, NSW
Highlight No 1: I visited the Booktique Bookstore and gave a talk to a group of kids. Booktique is one of my favourite bookstores - books, chocolate and coffee! And Michelle, the sort of person every booklover likes to find in their store - someone who loves books and knows all the answers to a customers' questions.

Pambula Show: Longest Blade of Grass
Highlight No 2: The Pambula Show and more specifically, the official Longest Blade of Grass in the exhibitor's hall. I have to admit I didn't see it this year. #2 son was in a cast and tackling the Show on crutches was too hard. But my friend Amy reported back complete with a pic.

345 days until Merimbula 2012